Our sponge cakes are 4″ tall with 3 layers of sponge and 2 layers of filling.

Traditionally fruit cakes are cut as a ‘finger portion’ 1″x1″ while sponge cake is double the size at 2″x1″.

portion guide


Each wedding cake is designed to be unique to you therefore it is difficult to give a definitive price guide so please use the prices below as a guide to the average cake.

2 tier (6&8″ round sponges). £140

3 tier (6,8 & 10″ round sponges). £260

4 tier (6,8,10 & 12″ round sponges). £350

Buttercream covered cakes are a popular option not only for their faste and rustic look but friendlier on the pocket at approx 20% cheaper than a sugar paste covered cake.

The naked cake dressed in fresh fruit  and a cloud of icing sugar as a 6,8,10 & 12″ serves approx 130 guests and is £300 including delivery in Pembrokeshire.