Cake Flavours

The Classics
Vanilla – vanilla flavoured sponge cake, made using the best vanilla.
Carrot – moist lightly spiced carrot cake with plump raisins.
Coffee – Italian espresso coffee flavoured sponge.
Sticky Toffee – sticky toffee flavoured cakes with added dates.
Chocolate – chocolate flavoured sponge made with dark chocolate.

The Fruit Collection
Banoffee – banana sponge cake filled with caramel, banana, and coconut moist cakes.
Lemon – flavoured with the zest and juice of lemons.
Orange – flavoured with the zest and juice of oranges.
White Chocolate and Raspberry – sponge dotted with fresh raspberries and a white chocolate buttercream.

Special Dietary Requirements

We are currently expanding our range of cakes to include gluten and wheat free cakes.  Please ask to see if your chosen flavour can be made gluten and wheat free. Some of our recipes are also dairy free if this is a dietary requirement, please ask.

Toppings – Vanilla ~ Coffee ~ Chocolate ~ Chocolate fudge ~ Chocolate mint ~ Chocolate orange ~ Irish cream liqueur ~ Fresh lemons ~ Lemon curd~Lime~ Mint ~ Orange ~ Spiced ~ White chocolate

Ganache – Chocolate ganache is a versatile and great alternative topping to buttercreams and perfect for chocolate lovers.  Ganache mixes well with liqueurs to produce a great ‘adult-only’ cake.

*Allergy advice : Unless stated our cakes contain wheat flour, eggs and dairy products.  The kitchen used to bake cakes is not a nut free kitchen and therefore people with serious nut allergies should not eat our products.